Wigs have been around for centuries but today, more celebrities, A-listers and women have been drawn to the power of these hairpieces. In a busy world where women have lesser time for themselves, wigs have given us an option to look beautiful without damaging the hair or spending hours to do so.

Mendy Beauty helps give women the liberty to indulge in a variety of hairstyles that will not damage the natural hair – be it straight, curly, long, short, and everything in between, making them a convenient option for those who want to feel glamorously alluring in a matter of seconds. You can be who you want to be through our beautiful wigs. Whether you’re someone who’s suffering hair loss or want to use wigs for self-expression, we have the perfect hair piece for you. 

At Mendy Beauty, we believe in empowering women to feel good about themselves through beautiful, unique, and luxurious hair pieces. Each of our pieces are designed with utmost passion by Lisette Mendy herself and are carefully made with the highest quality materials. 

Our wigs are uniquely made for the modern-day woman who wants to feel good about herself. We encourage the use of wigs for whichever purpose you want it to be: a symbol of self-expression, freedom, control, passion, beauty, or hope for those who are struggling with hair loss.

What’s important for us is that you feel good, beautiful and empowered when wearing them.

Our Founder

Mendy Beauty is founded by beauty enthusiast and hair expert, Lisette Mendy.

When she first discovered wigs, she did not like the quality of hair pieces that were available in the market. She knew that they could be better and look more natural. In 2016, her husband then motivated her to start making her own wigs and turn it into a business.

Living in Asia as a new mom at that time, Lisette sourced for the highest quality hair supplies herself in the busy streets of the country. To learn more about how to make the wigs, she studied in London under a well known wig couturier where she discovered her innate skills in making beautiful hair.

Now, she has helped over a hundred women feel flawless with her handmade creations and hopes to revolutionize the hair scene in Dubai. 

Mendy Beauty aspires to be the leading brand for luxurious and designer wigs. We want hair pieces to be a part of a woman’s every day fashion ensemble. We want a world where women feel confidence that transcends whatever norms the society dictates. We want to normalize the use of wigs for every day wear and break down stereotypes that come along wearing one.


We use human hair and personally style each creation to make them look like your natural hair

Always ready

feel glamorously alluring in a matter of seconds with our easy to put on hair pieces

Fashion Versatility

steal the spotlight and own any outfit by pairing it with any of your favorite hairstyles


Perfect Hair